No Time Like The Present

Short, sweet and to the point- Stop experiencing through time.

Stop measuring your journey by artificial benchmarks

Stop anticipating your arrival at your hearts destination

Your feelings do not abide by the date in your planner

If you love them day 2 or day 347,262 the love is still the same. Finish your first book, make your first sale– it doesn’t matter when because there is no better time than the present in which you did it in. Yes that person’s life looks delicious, perfect, and effortless beneath all of those filters and the perfect caption. But you don’t know that maybe they are riding their significant other’s sibling, binging in the bathroom in between meetings, crying at the moon and into a wine bottle while their kids cry in the crib. There is a price for the success we achieve in life and everyone’s is different. Do not compare your Chapter 5 to someone’s perceived Chapter 20. Because it is just that– a perception.

Do what you can, feel fully, be honest with yourself, and remember that you are right where you are supposed to be. Although it may not seem ideal, it is purposeful in its way. Who you are and the road you travel is no mistake. So give yourself a break and take a deep breath. Have the extra cup of coffee, stay a little longer, get one more hug. They say time is short but they also say we can make it. Plan but remember to be present.

Dopest love and strongest light,

Lily ♥


4 thoughts on “No Time Like The Present

  1. This is something that I have had to tell myself quite a bit lately. I think it has something to do with pregnancy hormones but I keep comparing our summer plans (or lack there of, really) to other mom’s plans and feeling quite shitty about it. I have to keep in mind, though, that I am in my third trimester, I’m exhausted, it’s unbelievably hot outside, and memories can also be made at home!

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