Getting It Together

I have struggled with this concept for years. Faced it in college and again now trying to build a brand and become my own boss. It takes a lot of work to get yourself on track with your goals.

It is a unique process wherein you get to choose first hand what you value and how or if something is worth balancing. In my opinion I think we could all use more frequent periods of stepping back and assessing the path we have traveled and where the road looks to be leading us in the future. If for no other reason than to keep a fresh perspective on our experience.

*****I also want to clarify that “getting yourself together” is not limited to degrees and business successes. Pursuing intrinsic gains that shift you into better vibrations and way of living is just as arduous a feat.*****

However, I am not saying you have to go the way of the Hikikomori to meet your goals. Just know that it is ok to not be able to juggle everything and make everyone happy. I am saying that as much to myself as anyone else! My Dad always said “those who mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind”. They will be supportive of you and respect your “I have to do this” mindset.

All that to say, PLEASE do not feel guilty or made to feel like a bad person because you have decided to focus on yourself. Leveling up requires quitting fruitless distractions that do not fill your soul, purpose, or pocketbook. The world is ready for the version of you that you have been dreaming of! Keep laboring in love. You’ll be surprised what the universe will bring to your doorstep.



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