Fear is Progress

Tonight, as I sit and listen to the rain and the symphony of froggies outside, I realized I wanted to say something. Forgive me in advance because this is a thought in production…

Take heart in knowing that momentary fear is the currency for development. The anxiety. Worry. Restless nights. It isn’t for naught. 


Keep that phrase close to you when you have doubts. Because being afraid is a really big part of growth. Seriously. If life doesn’t scare the fuck out of you sometimes, well sistren and brethren, we aren’t doing it right. Fear comes with moving in a direction that isn’t exactly clear yet. Walking along a trail where the markers are few and far between and present some difficulty to even locate at times.

Lately, I have been experiencing fear and uncertainty in regards to my next moves for the coming months. I know I am not the only one. It comes in waves and for a moment I get tunnel vision. Not knowing what to do or what to think. Riling myself up over the smallest of details. Forgetting the big picture and erasing my own journey to this moment. The same journey that shows me, every single time without fail, I have prospered through worse.

My pushback is making a plan. Even if it is only planning what I’m going to have for breakfast tomorrow. Taking back control of my mind and ordering my steps is such a powerful action. Come hell or high water I am going to have this cup of coffee and a few moments to myself.  If for no other reason than to defy the gods, it sets me up to change course on my own terms. 

You are a divine and cosmically touched being. Please sleep tonight knowing that tomorrow is at your mercy. You will make it. And there is no other option than for it to be beautiful when you do. 

Sweet dreams and warmest of hugs,



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