‘Tis the Season- All Year

To honestly not give a fuck. Don’t feel like holidays mean that you have to go out of your way to be kind to people who aren’t to you. Santa isn’t fuckin watching, he’s too busy getting wasted with that creepy elf on the shelf. Which means NO, you aren’t getting those coveted karma points for sitting through terrible events surrounded by vapid people. You’re being miserable for glory that will never come. And that goes for every event not just holidays and not just family ones.

People Who Matter Don’t Mind

Don’t buy anyone presents if you don’t want to. Ignore the “happy holidays” texts and block that “hey how have you been” person. You know who has been around for you this year. Who the people are that have poured into your cup consistently. 100% chance they don’t even want you to stress out over anything. Your presence is a present for people like that. Because who you are and how you are is so much more important to them than superficial displays of jolliness.

People Who Mind Don’t Matter

Stress, sadness, and emotional exhaustion are not what you’re life is supposed to be made out of. Seriously, take it easy. This happens every year. Sitting out and taking time for yourself is PERFECTLY OK. No one likes fruitcake, having their weight, or relationship status examined. Nor should you feel as though you have to sit there and endure insults thinly veiled as “I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t care”.

Reclaim Your Time

Skip the event, date, meeting, whatever it is. If you can’t skip it, set boundaries and take no shit.That loud Auntie that always got something to say? Let her know that ugly wig and store-bought pie isn’t fooling someone. That pretentious friend who thinks her emotionally defunct fiance is her pass to judge your life? Ask her the last time she felt loved without having to plan it herself. Does Dad think ya gained a few pounds? Look who’s talking chuckles *pat dad on the tum tum*. That shit isn’t ok but it IS ok for you to disengage and preserve your mental wellness.

But You Though?

You’re wonderful and I need you to know that at every time of the year. The last few weeks of the year can be really difficult mentally and emotionally. Hell, the whole year can be like that. But that doesn’t mean you have to subject yourself to drowning. It won’t always be hard. But when it is, lay low and love your self more.

All is Calm, all is bright, and ALL can get these holiday handz year round,



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