Taking a Chance on You

Honesty Time

Taking a chance on yourself is one of the most difficult and expensive moves you will ever make. Whether it is education or pursuing the hobbies that stoke the fire in your soul. I 100% understand where are you coming from and I cannot emphasize enough BEEN THERE, AM THERE, WORKING ON IT. It can sometimes take a lot out of your already overdrawn emotional bank account to dig deep and expose yourself in that raw creator’s form.

But you know what? No matter what arguments you can put up about not investing in the things that keep you up at night, you deserve it. You’re sitting there staring at ya screen (make sure your phone is on wifi and you’ve had some water) thinking “ok Hope whatever I get it but..” and you’re going to give 1,000,000 reasons why you can’t. Listen Linda, LISTEN! That’s self-harm. Whew, that is an intense statement, isn’t it? But it’s true. Killing your own dreams and putting rules on your ambition and ability is so damaging. It cripples not only your confidence in pursuing what you love but it bleeds over into other aspects of your life.

Not giving yourself the chance to exist and express in a way that is most authentically you prevents you from ever learning what else you can do. Breaking your own heart and relying on material things and people to fill a hole that you created within yourself.

That Annoying Voice

“But it isn’t perfect”

Who cares? Nothing amazing is perfect and if you don’t believe me go look in the mirror beautiful! That curl that never behaves, the dimples in your thighs, the gap in your smile that lets your happiness shine through….all those things little aspects make you amazing. And your art is no different. The quirks and oddities are the personality and voice of your work. Don’t dim their shine.

“What if no one likes it?”

Mmmm, baby boo let me be the bearer of bomb ass news: that isn’t even a thing. No matter what you do there is someone out there who is going to love it. Who needs to see it. Who will be inspired by you to do their own thing. That different instrument you march to and that beat you swing those hips to? That means everything. Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind and they will be your biggest supporters. DON’T DIM YOUR SHINE. You owe to yourself and to the future to let your flag fly, freaky or not, and let people see your colors without a filter.


More than anything SHARE. I struggle hard with sharing what I am doing with my friends and peers. It’s a recipe of fear of judgment and rejection as well as hiding behind feigned perfectionism to avoid passing my stuff around. Yeah dude, I’ll drag the fuck out of myself for this. It’s self-inflicted stage fright in its dumbest form. I still haven’t shared my blog with my friends and peers at large in any official and meaningful way. But I have shared my creative journey with close friends and it has been nothing but love. That gave me the confidence to share my work with my Twitter community. Nothing but love.

Baby, Remember

You work hard every day to make someone else’s bank account grow. It is hard a lot of days and thankless. The paycheck doesn’t match the effort that comes from you. And while it can feel so impossible to do one more thing during the day, try. That’s all it takes. Even if you only do a little, you’ve done something. Whip out a notebook or your phone and jot down your good ideas. Bad ideas. Undeveloped ideas. Weird dreams. Inspirations. Use that as your catalyst to cook up your next masterpiece. Flip through those gems when you have a bad day, you will be surprised how healing and encouraging your own creativity is.

Drop your links, sites and other methods to find your crafts so I can go love it and love on you for doing the thing! K? Awesome.

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