Paths: Heeding the Signs and Making Changes

Or I guess I should say walking into my purpose. Over the last three months, a lot of things have changed. All of them for the better even if it a first glance they seemed negative. One of them being improved perspective.

Often times it takes a series of events to grant you insight into where your path lies. In my case, a lot of closed doors and a lot of running my head into the proverbial wall. Needless to say, this process is so extremely frustrating. It feels like no matter what you do nothing seems to payout.

Trust me, I get it. I hate nothing more than feeling stuck. Caged in. But those things happen to redirect you to where you are supposed to be. And it isn’t your fault if you can’t see it initially and need guiding. Relationships, perspectives, and previous experiences have a remarkable way of altering your vision. Your own hopes and desires can be so intensely powerful that you are unable to see outside of their warm glow.

That is okay. It has to happen because each step is teaching you something. Every interaction is a small piece of your future foundation. Then one day, when you least expect, it all starts falling into place.

On August 19th I take the first step on my path. I will begin my studies in Computer Information Science. I am pretty scared because I am not sure what I am getting myself into. But the way it all fell together so seamlessly…this being the next step cannot be denied. Along the way, I will be completing certification training for Medical Coding to sit for an AHIMA certification to improve my income in the meantime. This too fell into place unexpectedly.

Without a doubt, this is sounding daunting. Two programs at once

Yeah, I pulled out the middle school guidance counselor swag. FIGHT. ME. But my point is that if I can deal with the bullshit that has been happening concurrently..why can’t I manage it for a positive outcome. Exactly, there is no reason. Because when we choose to do things to make ourselves better we have the ability to plan and take it on in baby steps. Unlike environmental factors that happen to you when they want to.

I’d rather stress about proper diagnosis and user experience by choice than worry about where my next paycheck is coming from by force. So here’s to choosing what stress you’re willing to endure to get to your next level. Here’s to the next level. But most of all cheers to the tenacious spirit that keeps on trying.

With love and prayers for ordered steps,



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